Global Handprints is a small Social Enterprise offering volunteer placements at grass roots projects in South Africa. We believe that opportunities to experience the culture, traditions, landscapes, people and wildlife that South Africa has to offer should be available for people of all ages and skillsets. We have combined volunteer community work with journeying through rural South Africa to create Volunteer Road Trips. These Road Trips cater for first timers to Africa, seasoned travellers, frequent volunteers and those who want to get home from a holiday knowing they left their mark on the world.

Global Handprints has a social mission to inspire people to recognise their potential both at home, within their local community and in a wider, international context; empower them to achieve this and to evolve locally established projects and services to meet the needs of their communities.
Name Lottie Reeves
Company Name Global Handprints
Country United Kingdom
City Guildford
Post code GU14NW
Business phone +27719760760
Address 31 Artillery Road
Registered 04/13/2015