Enfield Parents and Children

Ready, Steady…Mentoring Project Volunteer Mentor

About Enfield Parents & Children

Enfield Parents and Children is a charity committed to supporting local families to succeed. We are a charity co-located with other children’s voluntary sector services offering a wide range of activities, counselling and support. EPC believes in equal opportunities and access to inclusive education for children and young people. Our purpose is to enable parents/carers to become knowledgeable and confident about services in the voluntary and statutory sectors, to achieve the best outcomes for their children. EPC also works directly with children and young people to allow them to take part in activities and experiences that might not otherwise be available to them. Our programmes are designed to broaden their knowledge and raise expectations. We work to help them develop and mature, through whatever difficulties they may be dealing with, in a positive and enjoyable way.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for:
1. Males and Females to mentor children / young people
2. Women and men from diverse ethnic backgrounds to mentor male and female children and young people
3. Enthusiastic and committed to supporting children and young people
4. Passionate about children's welfare
5. Able to act as a role model and encourage children/young people raise their aspirations
6. Good listening and communication skills
7. Able to set appropriate boundaries
8. Non-judgemental
9. Punctual and reliable
10. To give a minimum of 4 months volunteering as a mentor
11. Available for a minimum of 2 hours per week after school / late afternoon, and some mornings/evenings/weekends for training.
12. Organised
13. Able to plan fun activities for children and young people to do
14. Understand the importance of Child Protection
15. Have a commitment to equal opportunities as recognised by EPC’s Equal Opportunities Policy

Practical Considerations

Be available to:

Attend a two day training programme

Mentor a child or young person aged 5-16 once a week for 1.5 hours, for 10-15 weeks

Attend sessions after school on school premises

Purpose of role:
• To mentor a child or young person aged 5-19 once a week for 1.5 hours, for 10-15 weeks. Sessions will take place after school, on school premises.
• To be a positive role model, to help raise self-esteem, confidence and aspirations by following the Ready, Steady…Mentoring Project Model.
• Listening and encouraging goal-setting and problem solving.

Duties include:
1. Prepare weekly fun activities for young people to do during 1:1 sessions with your mentee
2. Listening to your mentee about any issues or concerns they may wish to share
3. Set realistic goals with mentee to raise aspirations. Help your mentee to work towards these goals
4. Give praise and encouragement
5. To help mentee improve their problem solving skills
6. To improve mentee’s communication
7. Being a trustworthy role model
8. Attend EPC’s volunteer induction, training and meetings
9. To make notes on sessions if necessary/appropriate
10. Attend meetings to update family, school and Volunteer Mentor Officer of mentees improvement/engagement
11. To attend supervision meetings/ contact with the Volunteer Mentor Officer
12. Uphold EPC’s child protection and equal opportunities policies and procedures
13. Evaluate progress made by use of evaluation forms midway and at the end of the mentoring relationship
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