Welcome to the Volunteer Anything website. Together with our privacy policy, these website terms govern Volunteer Anything’s relationship with you with regards to your use of this website. 

In the privacy policy and these website terms, the terms  ‘us’ or ‘we’ are terms referring to Volunteer Anything whose headquarters are at [ 138 Newport Road, Leytonstone ]. You may contact us by writing to us at our headquarters or by email at [ info@volunteeranything.com ]. We are a Limtited Company which exists to encourage volunteering.


The term ‘you’ refers to the user or viewer of our website.

The use of this website is subject to the following terms of use:


The purpose of this site

The Volunteer Anything website enables users to post requests for help and volunteer to help others. The website enables users to post offers to help others.


Keeping yourself safe

We do not carry out checks on people who use this website. If you have a concern about contact with an individual, you are strongly advised to carry out your own checks on the individual in order to re-assure yourself.

Although this website aims to put volunteers in touch, you should treat people that you meet through this website as strangers. What level of trust you place in people that you meet through this website is your judgment to make. You should not put yourself, your friends or family in danger and should use your common sense about where, when and how to meet with new acquaintances met on this website.

You should avoid posting personal details that you do not want to share with the whole world. If you post a direct telephone number or email address, you must understand that this will be available on the internet for everyone to see, so you need to think carefully about the information that you are comfortable revealing to strangers.

Giving voluntary services and your safety

Once you have given an offer of help, you should use an appropriate level of caution with regards to meeting a person face to face. We are not responsible for your safety and you must use your own discretion as to the risk of providing help. To help keep yourself safe, you could take a friend or relative along when meeting a new acquaintance until you feel you trust the new acquaintance sufficiently.


If you are unsure about going into someone’s house or any other place in which you have offered to provide voluntary services, you should not go in. It is not just a case of trusting the person you are helping, there could also be hazards in a building or on a property that you need to look out for. Whilst in principle property owners are responsible for harm done to people on their properties due to not providing adequate warning of holes, water hazards and defective aspects of the property, you don’t want to get hurt in the first place if you can avoid it.


You should not readily accept lifts in cars from people you visit, for your own personal safety.


Where you are providing voluntary help in the course of a business, for example because you are an electrical, plumbing, building or other trade specialist, you should be aware that the same standard of work applies whether you receive payment for services or not and that you can still be professionally negligent in the provision of voluntary services. If this is a concern, you should not undertake voluntary services in the course of a business unless you have adequate insurance. If you supervise or employ people who will provide voluntary services as part of your business, the same applies – you should check that you have adequate insurance as the provision of voluntary services will be an extension of services provided in the course of your business.


Receiving voluntary services and your safety

If you let people into your home or let them have access to a place where there are items of personal property, we are not responsible for theft committed by such people and are not responsible for any property damage which might be caused by such people.

Never jeopardise the security of your house or property. For example, do not leave keys in a hidden place for someone to pick up; leave your door unlocked in the expectation that someone who has arranged to call in will let themselves in; tell people security or entrance key codes; leave ground floor windows open or leave tools and items accessible to members of the public. You should not discuss any anticipated absence from your house or divulge that there may be unsupervised children or vulnerable adults in your house.

Once an offer of help has been accepted, you should use an appropriate level of caution with regards to meeting a person face to face. We are not responsible for your safety and you must use your own discretion as to the risk of receiving help arranged through the website. To help keep yourself safe, you could take a friend or relative along when meeting a new acquaintance until you feel you trust the new acquaintance sufficiently. If you let strangers into your home you should supervise them at all times, especially in a situation in which children or vulnerable adults are around.

You need to be 16 or older to use this website

When you make an account, we will ask you to acknowledge that you are 16 or older. We do not monitor the postings on the website. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that, at any one time, there is no offensive or inappropriate content on the website.


We recommend that children of less than 16 years of age do not use this website. This is because the purpose of the website is to encourage people to get in touch with each other.


Vulnerable adults

If you consider yourself to be a vulnerable adult, you should consider whether it will help you to use the website with a friend. If you arrange to meet anyone or provide help to someone else through the website, you should consider taking a friend with you.


Because you are vulnerable, it is more likely that people will take advantage of you, given the chance, and for this reason you need to be careful about using this website and meeting strangers.


Our Liability

The purpose of this website is to encourage volunteering. We are not involved in transactions between users. The website is simply an online ‘notice board’ for volunteers, charities, groups, projects and businesses to post requests/offers and receive replies.


We do not review users’ postings and do not guarantee the accuracy of postings or user communications, or the quality, safety or legality of the voluntary services offered.

The law does not allow us to exclude our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence. However, you understand that we have no control over when, how or where you will meet people that you have met on our website, and that therefore it is very unlikely that the law would see any connection between harm caused by a user to you, your friends or family, and us.

We cannot guarantee continuous, error-free and secure access to our website but we will use reasonable efforts to maintain an uninterrupted service.

Looking after your account details

You should take appropriate steps to prevent misuse of your account. Do not leave your account logged onto a communal computer. If you give out your account details to another person to allow them to help you (for example a close relative) you do so at your own risk and are liable for any posts that they may make through your account.


If you are a business, we are happy for you to have 1 account for business use and 1 account for personal use. Please do not attempt to make multiple accounts with multiple email addresses.


Abuse of the site

The website must not be misused in any way straying from its original purpose.


You must not use any robot spider, scraper or other automated means to mine, collect or harvest any content or data from the website. You must not copy or reproduce the website or databases within the website in whole or in part; you must not promote or otherwise release viruses, trojans or malware to our users through the website; and you must not attempt to hack or bypass security systems built into our user interface and website. You must not harass or spam other users of the website.


You must not place an unreasonable load on the website or interfere with its working. We reserve the right to restrict your usage of the website temporarily or permanently where you interfere with its working.





The website contains content from us, you and other users. You must not copy, distribute or modify content from the website without our express written consent.


When you post content, you grant us and represent to us that you have the right to grant to us, a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty free, sub-licensable and unrestricted licence to use, distribute, reproduce, edit and adapt the content that you upload to the website. You also allow us to protect such content from misuse, copying and infringement from other third parties who may try to redistribute or copy it without our permission.


You give us permission to reproduce any content you have put on the website for the promotion of the website and Volunteer Anything in general.


Content Guidelines

We reserve the right to remove, edit or report any post made on the website. When posting, you agree to follow these rules:

You will not post messages that are suggestive of illegal activity or which are false, misleading, threatening, offensive, defamatory, racist, sexist, obscene or indecent.

Please report inappropriate content using our ‘report inappropriate content’ button. At our discretion, we may discontinue your account without further reference to you if you post inappropriate content.


Where criminal or unlawful activity is suspected of you, we may discontinue your account without further reference to you.


We reserve the right to remove hypertext links, promotional material and reference to other organisations posted by users on our website in their posts.


You must not infringe the rights of third parties including but not limited to copying or distributing the copyright materials of other people, or using the trade marks of other people.


Links to other websites

This website may include links to other websites. These links are provided for your convenience or to give further information; it does not mean we endorse the sites or the companies they represent. We have no responsibility for the content or purpose of any linked website.


If you wish to link to the Volunteer Anything from another website, you should seek our consent in advance.



Your use of this website and any dispute arising out of such use of the website is subject to the laws of England and Wales. The audience of this website is intended to be UK citizens. If you are based in Scotland or Northern Ireland, the laws of England and Wales will apply to our relationship. As this website is not intended to be viewed outside the UK, we cannot take responsibility for worldwide internet legal compliance.


If we do not enforce a particular provision of these terms, this does not constitute a waiver of our rights.


If a court strikes down any of these terms, the remaining terms will survive.


We may amend these terms at any time, with updates taking effect within 30 days of our new terms appearing online. No other amendment will be effective unless agreed between us and signed by both you and us in writing.


These terms are the entire agreement between you and us.


We will send notices to you via the email that you have provided. You can send notices to us, including content removal and take down requests, to our headquarters, the contact details for which are at the beginning of these terms.



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