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  Genesis Cinema, Mile End, London

Manger Michael Hall said: “We at Genesis decided to get involved with Volunteer Anything as we felt there was more that could be done for people on low incomes by those of us in the entertainment industry.

Obviously there's a great community in the East End and we are proud to be a part of that. We're hoping that low-waged people and those who give their time and effort for free by volunteering at great local organisations will benefit from the opportunity to see a movie at no charge in pleasant surroundings”

 Karaam Lebanesse Resturant, Ealing, London

"As a local restaurant we believe that its our responsibility to help local community and grow as a family. We would love to help more local people who cannot afford a good meal due to financial limitations"

Lala's Cafe, Brighton

"The reason for us to give away free things is because we want to make a difference... If everyone can just give £1.00 or just a meal to someone who can not afford to have food everyday on his table, that might help people to feel happier, not that hungry and loved. If we show that we care, the pain may go away even if it's just for 1 day,1 meal, 1 drink. If we can help, why not help!"

The Proud Archivist, Hackney, London


The Proud Archivist is primarily focused on the residents of Haggerston and south Hackney.  We really want to create an atmosphere that feels like your local/your living room/somewhere people can rely on great programming and great food and drink so that visiting us here becomes like dropping in on friends – you KNOW you’ll enjoy yourself without having to book online, check details, call ahead etc.


The collaborative nature of the building and its spaces lends us to networking and creating local friendship and business connections, so working with Volunteer Anything is an obvious choice for us. We want to be friends with everyone! We are a genuinely fun and happy team, we socialise together out of work and get on like a house on fire. This is mainly because we share priorities and vision. The point of this venue is more to become a reliable and friendly feature of hackney’s cultural scene rather than to line our pockets."


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