Volunteer for the Pete Hayes Handsworth 10k Fun Run.

  • handsworth10k
  • 05/18/2016
  • United Kingdom, Birmingham
  • Num of Applicants: 0
  • Max Num of Applicants: Unlimited

Volunteers are needed to marshal at the run on Sunday 18th September in Handsworth Park, Birmingham, B20 2BY. We need people to be able to be at the park from 9.30am until approximately 12.30pm.

Your job is to keep everyone safe and keep runners on the route

So please:

 Stay at your position
 Make sure that runners keep to the designated route ie between the markers.
 Please cheer people on and give them lots of support. We want to create a great atmosphere
 Please wear your hi vis British Heart Foundation vest so that everyone knows that you're part of the organising team
 Please answer people's questions – you will be provided with a list of frequently asked questions
 If someone looks hurt your responsibility will be to contact one of the organisers who will get the St John's ambulance.
 When you're waiting for the St John's Ambulance assist the runner off the route; whilst trying not to get in the way of the other runners.
 Stay with the person and be positive and supportive until St John's Ambulance arrive and then let them take over.
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